Friday, January 01, 2010

Christmas in Texas

For Christmas I got a camera I've been wanting for a long time! It's a Nikon D5000. It rocks my face off! I'm still trying to master it but it's been fun trying! Here are some pictures I took on Christmas Day...

Sam got some face paint from Santa. Sheryl drew the tiger stuff on him. So cute!

Sam the Tiger!

The day after Christmas we left for a VERY LONG drive to Houston. Sheryl's parents moved to Houston in August to be near to several of Sheryl's siblings. We got to see all of them while we were there.

Ella and Me-maw

Sheryl and her dad, Bob.

Laura (married to Sheryl's brother, Chuck) and our nephew Taylor

The kids were SO excited to see their cousins!


Maddie opening gifts

Sam and Paw-paw

Even our new puppy, Francisco, made the long trip

gathering around the laptop at Chuck's watching all the kids' Christmas programs online.

Bob--Sheryl's dad. He's such a great man...and funny! When a bowl of fudge was brought out at Sheryl's sister Cindy's house he said, "Oh, shoot...I only eat these alone or with people." He always has great one liners.

There's a cool pond right out behind Chuck and Laura's house. The kids loved feeding the ducks.

Tuesday afternoon we drove over to Pearland to Sheryl's brother Kevin's house. Kevin and Jana had bought Rock Band...the Beetles version for Christmas. The kids (and I) had a blast with it. Pictured above is our niece Chelsea with Francisco.

One of my other nieces...Haley. Haley plays a mean guitar!

My nephew, Derek with Chelsea

Sam played drums for a while...he rocked it. But Maddie was the true drummer of the night.

Sheryl's brother Kevin

Sheryl's brother Chuck and his family--Laura, Taylor and Mason

Maddie rockin' it

Maddie and Me-maw

Sheryl and her mom

Laura and Chuck

Jana (Kevin's wife) taught Sam to play dominoes

We spent Tuesday and Wednesday night in Lake Jackson, Texas where Sheryl's sister Cindy and her family live. It's also where Sheryl's parents are living now. The highlight of the week for the kids was a tour of the Lake Jackson Fire Station. Uncle Billy (Cindy's husband) is Assistant Fire Chief there and gave the ultimate tour. It was really a blast!

The kids all got helmets and got to see all the inner workings of the fire house. Pictured here with our kids are Canaan and Sierra. They all had such a blast. Chris and Gail (Sheryl's sister) drove from Minnesota and met us in Little Rock where we stayed on the way. They get the most points for the road trip to Houston!

Uncle Billy even brought out the big truck and let the kids go up in the lift

Considering my fear of heights, I was glad to be planted on the ground as I took this picture of the kids up there with Billy.

Sam. Haley and Sierra climb the ladder

The culmination of the tour was an awesome ride in the fire truck around town. The girls said that during the trip Sam just let out a though he just could not contain himself anymore!

Ella, Maddie and Sam

We left yesterday and had two long days of travel home...which included a night in a high-rise hotel in Little Rock where we had to smuggle Francisco in through the lobby in a tote back and covered in a blanket. It was a very Beverly Hillbillies moment.

Tonight we are home safely and feeling thankful for family and the blessing they have brought to our lives.

Happy New Year, everyone!

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