Friday, January 08, 2010

Colt McCoy

Last night the Longhorns suffered a loss to Alabama in the National Championship game. I know so many of my friends who are Alabama fans are so excited. Congrats!

I was cheering for UT. (loved the UT/ Texas Tech game this year...another nail biter!) Colt McCoy who quarterbacks the Longhorns and I have many connections. His family has been in my life since way before I was born. His grandmother (Jan) and my mom were in the same sorority at ACU. Jan and Burl have been dear friends for years. His uncle Michael and I were roommates here in Nashville years ago. Michael has one of my favorite tenor voices ever. He was such an encouragement and mentor to me.

Colt's grandparents, his dad Brad, uncle Michael and aunt Amy used to travel around as the McCoy Family singers. I always loved hearing them and getting to sing on the same program with them through the years. That is one CLASS ACT kind of family.

The McCoy Family Singers (L-R) Brad (Colt's dad), Michael, Amy, Jan and Burl.

Colt, true to family form, showed his stuff last night. The speech he gave at the end of the game to the news interviewer was the real deal. That's how he is. That's how all of the McCoys are. They are in fact...well..the real McCoys. (sorry, couldn't resist that one.)

I did hurt for him. You could see the disappointment in his eyes. But, he cheered on his team and encouraged Gilbert as much as he could. What a crazy night for both of them.

Here's to an incredible college career for Colt and a bright sports and as a witness for Christ.


Rick J said...

What a good post!!

Robin said...

Good words, Brandon. I hurt for Colt last night, too. But I was also extremely impressed with the maturity he had to give praise to God despite the circumstances. What a great kid, and what a great family! I hope we all learn to be more God-honoring, Christ-centered, and Spirit-led.

judy thomas said...

Actually Jan and I were dorm neighbors--she was Marylyn Swaim's roommate and lived just across the hall from my closet(room) in McDonald Dorm. Jan was from California and was so well-liked that she was voted Homecoming Queen her Senior Year. They are a dear family. I do pray that Colt's injury is easily fixed.

Katey said...

I teared up last night as well. I've known Colt and Jordan Shipley since they were small. I babysat Colt with his cousins (who were some of my best friends) and Jordan's Dad worked with my Dad before he went back to coaching football. They are both amazing examples and men. Proud to know both of them- win or lose.

annie said...

I was much more impressed with Colt than Tim Tebow at the end of their respective big games. Tim cried like a baby, & slightly sulked, imo. Colt was so gracious & selfless. It's cool to hear about all your connections to Colt's family. West Texans are salt of the earth people!