Monday, September 07, 2009

Labor Day Weekend

Why can't every weekend be a three day weekend? Sheryl found is this awesome clay on sale at Walgreens and the girls had a blast making clay creatures. I took a picture of some of them. I thought they were so cute and creative.

Maddie and Ella's desk where they work on homework and create special things for us.

Maddie's "creatures"

Ella's "creatures". I love the turtle in the middle and the owl on the end.

We had a great lunch at my mom's yesterday after church. It was a typical Judy Thomas feast. Our kids love going over there. I am so grateful that she lives here and is such a constant part of their lives.

Sunday night we went out to Arrington with some friends for the Loggins and Messina concert. I have always loved Kenny Loggins. Beth and Byron Williamson, Ryan and Sarah Williamson, Tim and Beth Mangrum and Sheryl and I all went and had a blast. Thank you to Byron and Beth for such a perfect night!

Sarah and the girls brought a delicious feast!

Sheryl (and Beth Williamson in the background)

The concert was at the foot of the hill out at Arrington. It was a gorgeous night.

Ryan and Sarah Williamson

Sheryl, Beth Mangrum and me

Sarah and Ryan Williamson and me

Today we spent some time with the Batsons who let our kids spend the night last night. Thank you, Batsons!

Back to work, back to school and all that fun stuff. These weekends are such a blessing! Thank you God for good friends and time with family.

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