Sunday, September 20, 2009

Eventful Weekend

It's been a very full and good weekend. We spent time today with ZOE refreshing our minds on all the new music we recorded over the summer in preparation for the ZOE conference in 2 weeks. We're looking forward to seeing as many of you as possible!

Ella captured this picture as we were singing downstairs. If you'll notice...Sam is curled up in a ball of remorse. He had just confessed to Sheryl that he had dumped his chicken fingers in the trash and grabbed a fruit roll up. ;)

Friday night we went over to the Penna's house for dinner (thank you, Kiki and Kevin!) and the kids were all over Gracie. She's such a cutie!

Love this of Gracie. And of course...I am sporting my Texas shirt. The game was INCRDIBLE last night! Both QB's were from Abilene...Potts and McCoy. Colt's uncle was my roommate for a bit here in Nashville. His grandmother and my mom pledged together back in the day. Love that family. It was cool to hear the announcer on ABC talk about how both QB's grew up in Abilene and went to church together. It was an awesome game! Hook 'em HORNS!

This morning we continued through our Discovery 1 & 2 classes at Fellowship (2 Sundays left!). It has been really amazing. This morning Doug said, "Community is a lot like life on Noah's can get pretty messy at times but the alternative is to jump overboard and drown." Love it. So true! After class we went to the worship segment of 3rd service and then went home to get ready for the ZOE's who were coming over for rehearsal. We sang "No Sweeter Name" and "It's All Because of Jesus" this morning. Both of those are on the upcoming ZOE CD which should release this Tuesday! I love both of those songs!

After ZOE left we gathered up the family and drove over to the rehearsal studio for a run of the Spirit Broadway show. I have been working with this cast for several weeks. We leave Friday.

John and Jenna sing "The Winner Takes it All" from Mama Mia

Jenna and Becca sing "One Short Day" from Wicked

Claire Williams who I have worked with for a couple of years was there with her son, Jack. Claire has been a dear friend. She's one of our choreographers and is awesome. For Ella's birthday she came and taught all the 6 yr old ballerinas some movement to "The Nutcracker". Claire is from the UK and has a proper British accent. Ella loved having her at her party. She brought Claire some original art that she had made for her today.

"No One Mourns the Wicked" from Wicked

"One Short Day" from Wicked

"Popular" from Wicked

"Defying Gravity" from Wicked

And...over the weekend, my kids pulled out an old video of one of my shows at Six Flags Over Texas from 100 years ago. CRAZY! It was fun seeing all those old friends and re-living those memories. I'm ready for Christmas!

Have a great week Blog family!


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