Saturday, November 01, 2008


Even though we have been fighting the stomach virus at our house...we were granted a 12 hour window of health so the kids could trick-or-treat. Remember what it was like when we were kids? They have been counting the days for several months now.

We went over to Kiki and Kevin's neighborhood (Lenox Village) where many adults answer the door dressed up. It was a blast!

Ella, Sam and Maddie

Uncle Kevin with the kids. Kevin got into his cat role, offering random meows all through the night. HA!

Kiki was a big ol' pregnant kitty...well, she WAS!

Ella--the Olympic gymnast and coach Daddy

After trick-or treating, even Bear got in on the action. :)

I love this holiday for several reasons...candy being one of the main ones! But, when else do people come OUT of their houses and walk around the neighborhood? It really is such a great opportunity to get to know your neighbors and build relationships. We had a good time visiting with a lot of our neighbors after coming back from Kim and Kevin's neighborhood. Several families ended up just congregating in the street to laugh and catch up. It's so fun!

Then, like clockwork, Sam began his turn with the stomach bug around 1am. SAVE. ME. NOW. And, just for good measure, Ella decided she wasn't done either. So, Maddie the germaphobe (like her father) left for the day to go help Kiki organize her baby nursery.

On the bright side, Sam didn't feel much like doing anything other than laying in my lap today. So, after giving him my original...VINTAGE (ugh)...Empire Strikes Back pillow case, he and I watched the movie for the first time. It was fun getting to introduce him to Chewbaca, Solo, Luke and the gang. took his mind off of the stomach cramps. GO CHEWBACA!


annie said...

Halloween pics are some of my favorites, & your kids are no exception. Cute & fun despite the stomach bug---also big in Arkansas at the moment.

Loved your "music" post, too. I feel so strongly about this subject, & you wrote how I feel. Zoe Group is the current mentor to me & how I think we can & should worship Our Father. A huge "Thanks" to the time & effort you guys put into this ministry of worship through music. (on top of your "regular" jobs)

preacherman said...

I hope all is feeling better now. You, your family and ministry are always in my thoughts and prayers. My three boys had a grat time on Halloween. Ethan my oldest went as Indiana Jones, my middle son went as a dragon, and youngest went as Superman. We tick-0r-treated for about an hour or so. I was disappointed to see so many houses that didn't have candy. Yet, my sons got me alot of candy to enjoy. :-) Halloween is so much fun when you have kids. It felt like it did when I was a kid. Your kids look like they had a great time too. Thanks for sharing this with us. It is always good to see the other costums that other kids went as on Halloween.