Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Soup's On!

I have some random bits and pieces to share today. Sheryl has been at it again. I turn around and hear that little Bewitched noise and things just happen. I so lucked out. Seriously.

Sunday afternoon she made some flower arrangements for Murray and Jamie Sanderson's welcome to Nashville party. Is there such a thing as an Edward Scissor-hands of flowers?? Sheryl would be it. She went outside and collected a few things, chopped a pumpkin in half and... voila!

I love how Sheryl expresses her creativity in service to others. It is a real spiritual gift she's been given. She truly loves to do it when she knows that it will bless someone else.

She has also started her Soup Kitchen back up for winter. It's called "Soup's On!" and she introduces a new flavor each week. Last week was Tomato Basil. This week's special is French Onion. They are divine!

If you're in the Nashville area and want to order some...it's $5.00 a quart (which is too low if you ask me, but no one asked me!!) and is clearly a BARGAIN. Drop her an email at zoegirlsheryl@gmail.com to order your soup!

The guys in our scenic shop have been hard at work. We have lots of very cool, sleek, contemporary sets but we lacked a "screen surround" to accompany them. Pictured below is one of the screen surrounds. Great job, guys!!

Other parts of this set and theme include contemporary and very modern white couches and chairs, chrome and white tables, LED benches (these are plexiglass on the bottom and then covered with cushions on top so that the benches glow...similar to this screen surround) and LED tables and bar surrounds. They're all very cool.

We're getting ready to do the William Morris Agency's Christmas party next month...it's a very "60's mod" kind of Christmas. I'll have some great pics to share after the event.

Meanwhile, at home, we're having a blast! Lots of play time. Sam and I watched Star Wars for the very first time together two weekends ago...SO FUN! (My mom had saved my original and now vintage--UGH Star Wars pillow case which he LOVES!)Now he's endlessly wanting to play light saber wars with me. I love every single minute of it. We're all looking forward to the holidays and seeing family.

That's all for now. Hope all you bloggers are having a really great day!


Donny - MarketingTwin #2 said...

By the way, a cool hint if you haven't already done it is to go get some swim noodles during the spring or summer and take some black duct tape to one end about 4-5 inches up. Voila! A cool light saber and doesn't hurt so much when you get hit!! Oh and you can make a Darth Maul one by getting a red/pink noodle and putting the tape in the middle - my oldest loved having these at his Star Wars BD party! Enjoy these times!!!

Beaner said...

Donny - I make those for my kids every year too! We have them in blue, green, red & Mace's purple one too!!!

I LOVE to be crafty, but Sheryl is the Queen of Crafts!! I bow to her awesome talents!!!