Monday, November 17, 2008

Gary Musick Productions Auditions and "Life School Musical"

For the past two days we've been going strong with auditions here in Nashville. We've had people from Kansas, Texas, Chicago, Washington DC, Virginia and more. We auditioned around 200 singers and dancers.

Here are some pictures from yesterday...


Sunday night we went to a children's musical at our church... "Life School Musical" Of course, I love the name! One of my friends at Fellowship, Rob Howard, wrote this musical with a couple of other people. It was great fun and our kids had a great time!

Here are some clips from the performance...

Have a great week, blog friends!

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Kay said...

We did "Life School Musical" this summer at our church. Emee was in it (cheerleader) - Addi left for Kanakuk the day of the 1st performance & Kendie is old enough this year! Do you know Darrell Bledsoe? He is our music minister & works with the kiddos on Sunday nights.