Monday, August 13, 2007

We just returned from the Ozark Mountains where we joined all of Sheryl's family at a family reunion at a cabin waaaaaaaay up a mountain and back in the woods. (If I heard a banjo start playing that would have been IT!) The cabin was really nice and held all 30 of us comfortably. It was really perfect for our weekend.

The only thing that came close to souring the weekend for me was the whole TWO poisonous snake encounters... one at the lake and one curled up in front of the cabin door (a copperhead). Have I mentioned that I do NOT like s-n-a-k-e-s? Chris (Fajita) almost stepped on it but it slithered away--under the door into the bunk house where it was trying to CLIMB THE STAIRS to where the beds are. I am screaming on the inside even as I type. Seriously. And then there was the whole friendly skunk and weird baby mole incident. Eew.

This was the first time in maybe 20 years that ALL of Sheryl's family had been together at the same time. It was a very, very special weekend.

Maddie, Ella, and Sam LOVED being with their cousins! Canaan and Sierra are so special to them!

Saturday night we took over one of the local restaurants (that decorated with abandoned bee hives by the way...?) and toasted Sheryl's mom. It was an incredibly moving night.

Sam is such a rock star!!

Gail, Beth Ann, and Sheryl (sisters!)

Sheryl's brother Chuck is one of my favorite people on Earth!

Here's a shot of all of us after dinner Saturday night...

It's good to be home, although we loved seeing everyone! Tomorrow is a very special day for us...Maddie starts Kindergarten!! Crazy.


Elizabeth S said...

What a special time! We are having one of those times Labor Day weekend; I can't wait. Enjoy tomorrow; it will be a special, special day.

Christy said...

That is AWESOME that you guys were able to do that. It looks like fun was had by all (we'll just forget about those nasty little S-N-A-K-E-S). Don't cry too hard when you drop Maddie off for her first day of Kindergarten:( I know it will be bittersweet for us next year. You want them to grow and mature, but you also would LOVE to keep them your little babies forever!!

pegc said...

Texas finally got it better and school doesn't start here until August 27th when my two grandchildren will start 1st grade and kindergarten. Special times!

Just wait until Sam goes to kindergarten. It is just around the corner!

Doesn't sound like you are much into wildlife! Sounds like a great time with family, though.

Fajita said...

Good thing you left when you did. There was yet another snake incident between the house and hot tub. Chuck crushed it with log. Chuck went on an adreneline rush and really did in that snake.

Little white kitty thought the end of the snake's tail was a play toy and nearly got himself snakebit.

Was great seeing you all. CD with 120 photos on the way.

Kara Graves said...

don't feel bad about the snakes...this past weekend Josh and I were eating with my family outside and a mouse ran under the table and across the patio...I definitely screamed and jumped on the table! Looks like a fun weekend with family!