Monday, August 06, 2007

Sheryl and I just returned tonight from one of the most amazing weekends ever! Our dear friends Peter Wilson and Lindsey Morgan got married at a gorgeous vineyard called Trentadue in the Sonoma, California area. Several of our ZOE family went. What a blast!! There's no way I can describe what an awesome weekend it was. Pictures help though! :)

No stained glass could ever beat the backdrop of this's the rehearsal...

The rehearsal dinner was at the Morgan's house (Lindsey's parents). INCREDIBLE!!

Here's a picture taken from the Morgan's back deck... so beautiful!

Scott and Amy at the dinner...

The next day Scott, Amy, JV, Sheryl and I toured Napa Valley and some vineyards there. It was so amazing!!! There was this quaint little country store that we loved.

Sheryl and Amy

One of the wineries in Napa--

That afternoon we had just enough time to change and get to the vineyard for pre-wedding pictures...

This is Zach--Peter's brother. He's a few french fries short of a happy meal, but we love him.

The wedding party--

The weather was perfect (though a tad warmish in tuxes)...

Our ZOE family celebrating with Pete and Linds...

Peter and Lindsey's reception was at the Trentadue Vineyard too. It was absolutely beautiful. This was one of my favorite pictures of the weekend... (notice the relief in their faces!)

Peter and Lindsey took dance lessons in order to wow the crowd for their first dance. Pete, I think you have a future in hip hop, bro.

Sunday morning we went to church in Sonoma where Peter leads worship. Jeremy Johnson led in Peter's place and some of the former Won by One singers sang with him. It was awesome! Barney preached a great sermon too. Afterwards, the Morgans took us to a country vineyard in Sonoma for a picnic complete with different cheese made regionally, fruit, deli sandwiches, and lots of GOODNESS! It was incredible! Here's a picture of Sheryl and Taylor (Lindsey's mom)...

The next vineyard we visited was my favorite of the weekend--Bella. This one had caves. Caves are waaay cool!

Jeremy, Amber, Sheryl and I pose inside the cave--

Along the way--near the Bella vineyard--Bruce stopped and let me jump out to snap a picture of one of the thousands of vines that were FULL of grapes. (I confess, I might have eaten one...or two...)

Sheryl and I pose at the last vineyard we visited...

Pictured here L-R are Justin's parents, Kara and Justin (Lindsey's sister and bro-in-law), Sheryl, Taylor Morgan, Gail Wilson, Bruce Morgan, me, Peter Wilson (Pete's dad) and Zach Wilson

Thank you, Peter and Lindsey, Bruce and Taylor, and Peter and Gail! We had such an incredible time and feel so blessed to part of your family! This was my 9th wedding to officiate...and definitely one of the MOST memorable!

Pray for us tonight. We're in the studio mixing. The ZOE project needs to be done this week in time to meet the Sept 1 release date!

Coming soon...tales of a 4 hour flight in front of 3 guys who make Howard Stern and Bevis and Butthead look like Mr. Rogers.


Beaner said...

There is something special about being at a vineyard....although I'm sure the vineyards in California are a wee bit nicer than the ones in Illinois!!!

The picture of you & Sheryl (sitting) in front of the Bella vineyard is beautiful. I would blow that one up & hang it somewhere - you couldn't ask for a more beautiful backdrop!!!

julie said...

Brandon, I can't wait to hear the airplane story. I love your stories. I need a good laugh right about now.