Sunday, August 19, 2007

This afternoon I took Maddie, Ella, Jeff, Jake and my mom to watch a run-through of the Summit cast doing some of the broadway stuff. Here are some more pics...

Emily singing "cuuuurtain up...light the lights..."

"The Producers"...

Travis as Max in "The Producers"...

Travis and Mandy-- "Thoroughly Modern Millie" (Travis and I would have been in the same show back in 1994 at fiesta TX if I had completed my contract and not left to do ships...crazy small world)

Mandy--"Thoroughly Modern Millie"

Emily--"All That Jazz"

"All That Jazz"

Mama Mia--"Waterloo"

Wicked--"Defying Gravity" (The staging of the Wicked section is awesome. Mandy is on a lift that lifts her and her black dress extends all over stage. I get so engrossed in the Wicked and Lion King sections that I forget to take good pictures!!!)

Lion King--Circle of Life

Mandy with the girls

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