Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Last Saturday my cousin, Mary, got married in Plano, TX. Mary, Josh and Jeremy have been like siblings to me my entire life. It was great to be with family and watch Mary be joined to Chris Clark. Chris is from England and works with a professional soccer team in Dallas--FC Dallas. It was wonderful getting to know him better and getting to see family from all over.

Mary, Chris, and some of the wedding party (including my adorable young cousins--the twins--Madison and Caitlyn)

L-R: Jeremy, me, Josh
Jeremy has been coaching soccer at SMU and Josh played soccer all of our growing up years and into college. These guys were the brothers I never had growing up. It was fun being back together and re-living memories and laughing at dumb family stories.

My mom, Mary, and me in the atrium of Prestonwood

L-R: Stephen Bailey, BST, Chris Doggett, and Craig Fisher

For over 16 years these guys have been my best friends--brothers. 16 years ago we were all living together while attending ACU and it was just the four of us...well, really 5 of us counting Karen who was dating Chris and eventually married him. Now there are 18 of us counting spouses and kids. It's really scary if you think about it. They all live in the metroplex and we had some precious time together on Saturday night and Sunday all day. We used to try and do that at least once a year, but with the demands of family, it's been a while. It was really amazing to be laughing so hard that your sides were hurting and then 30 minutes later crying together over some struggle or hurt. I was reminded once again that I am a blessed, BLESSED man when it comes to those friendships. Not everyone has that. I'm so thankful! I also had some awesome soul-filling time seperately with Joel Quile and Brad Voss. All of those guys from my roommates to Quile and Voss cause me to dream bigger dreams. It was food and drink for my soul.

There's so much to blog about that's just not bloggable. I still covet your prayers. Praying hard for discernment, wisdom and vision as I look to my re-entry date next week--June 1st.


k2 said...


i head to the metroplex this saturday to take my daughter to work in the arlington work camp. all the area youth groups in the arlington area get together to work on houses and do yard work for people who are not able to do it physically, or for some other reason. its awesome because we live in alabama, and she is giving up a chance to tryout for club soccer team to go and work on people's houses (not to mention she has some great friends we miss after moving 2 years ago).

i, too, have some great friends/brothers that are in the metroplex and i CAN'T WAIT to get back there and hang out with them. maybe even play some golf at meadowbrook muni.

i am a huge soccer fan! i started playing in 6th grade, and stopped playing in 12th, but love to watch, coach, and ref. i watched chris and his mates play d.c. united recently while i was on business in the d.c. area. that's cool that he marrying an uh'merican. a guy that was in the youth group at park row when i was there is marrying a brit. their wedding is next month in england.

ellie came to work there and her dad is the pastor of the church they are getting married. ellie volunteered at the church's private school for a couple of years. she graduated early and came to the u.s. to help.

sorry for leaving such a huge comment, but it is so cool to have all those things that are similar in our lives. i am praying for you, and hope things are going well for you.

Chris Field said...

Cool job that guy has. And you look good in that striped black dress shirt, BST. Always so stylish. I can only hope the same for when I am a father of three :)

Randy S Furco said...

Marrige is wonderful.

Not sure is you ever saw this but I love it, one of the best things I have found in blogs.