Wednesday, May 03, 2006

It's a gorgeous day here! Sheryl, Sam and the ZOE's made it safely to California. The girls and I have been having a blast. We packed a picnic lunch and went to the ZOO this morning. Nashville's ZOO is so nice! Here are some pictures from our day.

Here's a picture of my mom (Nonnie) with the girls posing in front of the Elephant Savannah.

Daddy and the's nice and sunny!

The ZOO recently put in this amazing carousel with lots of colorful animals. The girls loved riding! Ella rides a blue tree frog.

Maddie is riding the Kangaroo!

Ella was totally cracking up at this goat. The goat actually looks a little amused himself!

Enjoy your day! Howdy to all you Pepperdiners reading!


Deb said...

Sorry but I'm not a Pepperdiner...

Thanks for these pics, I love them! Nonnie looks wonderful. :)

So is Ella going to be a vet? Is there no fear? She's got that goat grinning!

Love ya!

julie said...

Brandon, your kids are so lucky to have you as their dad....what a fun day at the zoo! Have fun with all passes to quickly. I am sending another child your way this fall...our daughter, Mary Kate, will be a freshman at Lipscomb. Our son, Drew, is already there. It seems like yesterday that we had fun days at the zoo.

Josh Ross said...

Beautiful pictures. Thanks for sharing. I love your mother.

R Debenport said...

We missed you tonight at worship at the Lectures, but God was still there so I guess all is well. Your stand-in did a wonderful job of leading us to the throne room (I didn't catch his name). It's good to see Sheryl and I got to talk to Eric for a little while too. Cold and misty today on the coast, but the company was great. We miss you but know your time away with your kids will be a great blessing to your family.
PS: Mary says hello.


Clarissa said...

Why did you do "zoo" in all caps?

pegc said...

okay, I had to comment on this one. The Nashville Zoo is one of the worst zoos I have ever been to. We went there last summer and I was so disappointed. They had a lot of construction, but the animals were so far away and there were no giraffees, no exoctic animals and there was no carousel last summer!

I hope you can visit another zoo, the Houston Zoo for instance which has a lot of variety and closeness with the animals in their own habitat to see how they live.

Of course with kids, any zoo is great and I know you enjoyed your day. Looks pretty and fun! Take care of your little family and enjoy your time off.

Brandon Scott said...

Act I actually, I would have agreed with you a year ago. But...that construction has paid off and they are adding sites and animals all the time. Yes, the Houston zoo is cool, so is the Ft. Worth zoo. To be honest, the ABILENE zoo probably had more animals in closer proximity than the Nashville zoo, but it's getting better all the time. Come back sometime.