Thursday, May 04, 2006

In February of 2005, Jonathan Shaub was in a terrible pedestrian accident in New York City where he was attending Columbia University. Many of you read daily accounts of his progress on my blog and his family's. The Shaub family has meant more to me than I could ever put into words. They made Nashville home in the beginning and have been family ever since. It's been grueling to watch Jonathan go through the healing process, but he has stayed true to his over-achieving form. He's really doing well.

Ella and Maddie still pray for Jonathan virtually every night. They've been bugging me for weeks to go see him, so tonight we went to the Shaubs and spent some time laughing and playing with them. Jonathan had to leave early to teach his LSAT prep class. (The boy scored a perfect score...literally...on the SAT.)

After dinner, David got on the floor with the girls and played dolls...actually at the moment this picture was taken I think he was showing them how dolls pick their boogers. Love it. Of course the girls think David, Sharon and Jonathan are the coolest people ever. And...I think they might be right. Praise God for Jonathan's progress!

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TCS said...

I will have to remember that booger picking for neices. That opens up a whole new realm with those dolls.