Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Highland Church Family Camp

Since the 1970's Highland has been going to the HEB encampment for family camp twice a year (Fall and Spring). Our family was able to attend for the first time this past weekend. What a joy it was! There was no real schedule...lots of time to relax, read, meditate, pray, play, canoe, swim (if you're crazy), and eat. The only real structured time was Saturday night. There was a really fun and hilarious talent show that many adults and kids participated in. And then Sunday morning, we had communion together in the amphitheater which looked out over the Frio River. It was beautiful!

Here are some fun pictures of our time at HEB.

Gotta love the Texas hill country!

Sam found a new passion in fishing. He is officially addicted!

Sheryl bravely rode and let the girls paddle

My college roommate, Craig Fisher

Maddie tried fishing too

It's not called the Frio River for nothing! It's fr-fr-freeeezing! Loved catching this of Clark Sullivan on his way in.

Owen Fisher, Brighton and Katie Blair

Maddie and friends

Ella, Brighton and Katie were most pleased with themselves for getting to ring the breakfast bell one morning.

Maddie and Ella and some of their bff's

Camille Dickson spent some time grading French exams...she's so on top of things!

The Monarchs fly through on their migration pattern. It was almost infested with Monarchs...very beautiful

Katie listens intently to Gable Heflin

Sam and Brighton disappeared to hang out with these girls a lot. I wonder why? :)

Craig zzzzzzzzzz Fisher

Kyle Dickson---I don't think your eyes absorb words that way, Kyle.

Sam fishing...alone...without distraction...and very happy.

Maddie and Jennifer Gorham

The meals were AWESOME!

Jennifer (Money) Crisp and Sheryl

Mattalee Heflin, Maddie and Caroline Siburt

Talent show time!

Ethan Fuqua and other kids got the crowd rowdy with their scooter pre-show

Ella and Katie

Clark Sullivan sang beautifully

When Ava Walters read from 1 Cor. 13 there was not a dry eye in the house

Houston and Emery Heflin show their basketball tricks

Sheryl and I did our bagpipes and banjo impressions

One of our praise team guys, Bret Pinson, showed off his new accordion 

Thank you to all who made Family Camp so incredible! We can't wait til next time! In closing...I'd like to leave you with this HILARIOUS video from the talent show. My old college roommate, Craig Fisher, showed his true skills. The boy has moves...always has. And here's another reason why I LOVE this...some of the folks from one of our satellite outreach churches invited people out on the dance floor during an instrumental part of their song and kids and adults came. It honored them and lessened the gap. Love that. Enjoy...

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Anonymous said...

Love,love HEB camp! First went back in the 80's as part of the Aggies For Christ.....still going every Fall with our church! Such a beautiful place to be with people you love, praising the God who made it ALL!