Thursday, April 19, 2012

Happy Birthday, Sheryl!

Well, it's wife is cough-cough-40-cough. Tuesday night I threw a surprise birthday party for Sheryl at one of Abilene's cooler venues, the National Center for Children's Illustrated Literature. The NCCIL is a national museum where artists who illustrate popular children's books display their illustrations and art work. My mom was key in bringing it to Abilene and the NCCIL produces tours of these art shows that travel all over the US. It's a cool place! But, not as cool as my beautiful wife who has only gotten more lovely with age. She was truly surprised too! THAT was an accomplishment!

Here are some pictures of our fun evening together with great friends...

Brad and Jennifer Crisp, Mike Cope and Brooke Nichols

Diane Cope, Kent Bogle and Camile Dickson

Sheryl and me...Kyle in the background #photobomb

Angie Martin and Jennifer Crisp

Camille Dickson---being her crazy self

Jason and Stephanie Blair

Sally Gary and David Gililland (Thank you to my little brother David for driving in from the Metroplex)

Elizabeth and Greg Wilson, Angie Martin and Amy Boone

Laura Carroll, Sheryl and Karen Heflin

The picture back there is one of Sheryl dressed as Lucy last Halloween

Sheryl...she hasn't aged much at all since our wedding day!

Houston Heflin serving cake

Mike Cope and Elizabeth Wilson enjoy catching up

Karen Heflin and Dava Lynn Sullivan

Laura Carroll, Karen Heflin and Dava Lynn Sullivan--we love these three!

These amazing women have been such great friends to Sheryl.
Laura Carroll, Camille Dickson, Sheryl, Karen Heflin and Dava Lynn Sullivan

fake laugh!

Kyle Dickson and I have been friends since we were 5. He's been a brother to me. Love him!

Ronda Hillis, Angie Martin, Beth Ann Fisher

Mom and Diane enjoyed catching up

Allison Rberts, Jennifer Crisp, Sheryl and Beth Ann Fisher--Allison and BA are in our life group

Ben Siburt, Brad and Jennifer Crisp

Marshall Bradley and Sheryl

Beth Ann, Sheryl and Emme Siburt--Marshall was the photobomber in the background
Happy birthday, Sheryl! Here's to 40 more wonderful years! We praise God for His provision in our lives in the way of friendships and family. We are blessed beyond measure!

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