Friday, February 17, 2012

ACU Sing Song

1991 Sing Song Hosts
This weekend is ACU Sing Song- a weekend that brings thousands of people to town. Sing Song is full of memories for me. I directed my fraternity to victory my senior year, but my favorite memory is being a host my junior year with some of my best friends. Stephen Bailey, Val Durrington, Darcy L. Chapman, Martha Kate Stallings Gunn, Kristin Ward and Kimberly Conder. What a total BLAST that was! My father was really ill with cancer but came to the show and my solo was a song about a boy and his dad that I dedicated to him. Very emotional for me. I'll never forget that experience. This weekend my family will get to enjoy the show (because of distance, my kids have only seen one SIng Song) and I'll judge vocals Saturday night. I'm excited we get to be around now for these types of things at ACU and will surely have tears in my eyes as I hear 5000 people join together at the end of the evening in singing "The Lord Bless You and Keep You" ACU tradition.

Freshmen Class Sing Song act 1989--Eyeballs!
Wendy Wray Ogren, Amy Nichols Boone, Nino Elliott, me, Stephen Bailey and Patrice N. Powell
Gamma Sigs 1992 "Doctors and Surgeons"
winner, men's division
(that's me in the red...looking completely insane)

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