Saturday, October 15, 2011

ACU Homecoming 2011

This weekend is ACU Homecoming. Growing up, this was one of my all-time favorite weekends of the year. Our kids have been anticipating and looking forward to this for weeks!

The weekend got kicked off last night with the Homecoming Carnival and Jam Fest on the front lawn.

It ended with a fireworks show...but we didn't last that long. The kids jumped themselves into exhaustion...there was even rock wall climbing and laser tag.

This morning was the Homecoming Parade. We took our normal spot right in front of Bitsy's Flower Shop. The kids brought bags to collect all the candy being tossed from each float.

Kelly Wilson Litton and Meredith Speck on the Coming Home Court

Willie the Wildcat is very environmentally friendly

Gata Float

Siggie Float

My intern, Trey Wrape, (in white) marching with Gamma Sigs

Our dear friends--the Brown Family. Tod, Lee Ann, Bailey, Hutton, and Reagan

life-long friends--Corey Patterson and Amy Nichols Boone

Homecoming Chapel in Moody Coliseum
Tonight is the annual Homecoming musical. This year they are doing "The King and I". We've been resting this afternoon since it will be a late night. The kids are excited about seeing some of their friends in the show. More pictures to come!


Sarah said...

I am SCREAMING laughing at Willie in the smart car... which, at our house, is known as an Urkel car.

Alyssa said...

Thanks for posting pictures! This is my 15 year reunion...and I'm missing it! :(