Friday, August 19, 2011

School Days

School starts in Abilene on Monday. The kids will be new students at Sam Thomas Elementary--a school built and named after my father. It is a dream that we are getting to be there. It is an awesome school and the administration and teachers are incredible.

Last night we had meet the teacher night. We got there a little early to find long lines waiting out the front doors to get in. Once the doors opened, we walked past this picture of my dad smiling down on us...I think we all took a collective sigh of peace.

We love Mrs. Smith--the principal. She has done so much already for us. Sam has Nyla Davis for Kindergarten (long time family friend), Ella has Mrs. West for 3rd grade and Maddie has Mrs Sutherland and Ms. Mayhall for 4th grade. They are all really excited about their teachers. We are at Thomas with some of our favorite Abilene friends...Bill and Laura Carroll's daughters as well as Houston and Karen Heflin's daughters.

Last night was a blast. We are all excited about being a part of this community and school. It seems like only yesterday I was starting school as a Kindergartner riding to school with my dad. Every morning on the way to school he would sing "Oh, What a Beautiful Morning". And it was...just about every single day.

Here's my Kindergarten school picture...


Alyssa said...

Sweet. The Carrolls are some of our favorite people in Abilene too. I'm glad your kids are at Thomas.

courtney said...

ms mayhall!! oh my goodness, she's still teaching. she was my 2nd grade teacher a million years ago at bowie. loved her!

Lauren said...

I had Mrs. Sutherland for 2nd grade at Bowie. I still love her so much to this day. Maddie will adore her and she will adore Maddie -- and her gorgeous red hair! I'm so thankful that this dream of yours and your family is finally coming true. God is so good.