Monday, August 15, 2011

Happy Anniversary

In the course of 2 months so many things have happened in our lives that it seems hard to keep track right now. I haven't had much blog inspiration since we lost Sheryl's mom. But so many wonderful things have occurred. We are transitioning well into Abilene life. More on that later.

The true purpose of today's blog is to celebrate our 13th anniversary! Happy anniversary to my lovely wife! It's been an amazing journey of faith and laughter over the years. I am a very blessed man. 13 years ago today we stood with Mike Cope and many of our closest friends to join our lives. Many of those friends have walked every step with us. What would we do without community? We are deeply thankful for the friendships and family given to us. God is good!

And over the years God has added to our joy by giving us 3 amazing human beings. Each birth was special. Each child a unique piece of God's heart for us. We love them!




Summer 2011


Alyssa said...

Happy anniversary and I'm glad you are back. We've missed your uplifting posts.

annie said...

Glad to see you posting again......can't wait to hear about your adventures in Ab-i-lene Tex-as!