Saturday, September 18, 2010


Sorry for my lack of blogging. It's been a bit of a jumble lately. Since I updated, we've had a lot going on. Maddie is now serving on the security squad in the mornings at Granbery. She's very proud to have been chosen. (and I am thrilled at having to leave 30 minutes seriously, I am. Really.) But isn't she a cutie??

The l'Ete Du Vin Nashville Wine Auction--one of America's oldest and most premier wine auction is one of our clients. Gary and I produced their show . It's always a high society evening filled with great wine and great philanthropy.

Pictured here are Gary Musick, Holly Whaley, and BST. Good friends! Love these guys!

Some of the goods up for auction

Tammy Skeens is one of most awesome production assistants. She is our power point genius!

Mark and Holly Whaley are long time board members for l'Ete Du Vin. Holly and I even ended up working together on the Heart Gala a couple of years. Mark and Holly have become great friends of Sheryl and me.

The Friday before Labor Day all the Gary Musick staff went bowling. crazy people BOWLING!
L-R Jonathan, Melanie, Keith, Bert

Anna Musick and Brandon Scott Thomas...friendly fire. We'll see, smarty Anna, who will emerge the victor!Hmmm....why don;t you ask Anna WHO the victor was???

Jim Sheridan---former creative guy with Jim Henson and the Muppets and other completely cool stuff that he likes to keep mysterious! Jim and Dana are some of the best people we work with.

Anna, Gary, BST, Don, and Jonathan...anyone know who made HIGH score of the DAY? Hmm? Anyone wanna take a gander??????
LABOR DAY!!!!! We had a little family cookout at River Park. It was awesome!!

The explorer in Sam came out that day. He was so cute!

After Labor Day, my buddy Chan's father passed away and I drove to Marshall, TX to be with him and his family. The Channing and Thomas family have walked through a lot together. There's no way to assign value to them in our lives. We just knew that we wanted to be there for them

These are my other girls! Kaitlyn and Shelby are so precious. I love them!

I had to hurry home because I had an important meeting for the Heart Association that I was producing. It was a research reception dinner highlighting and thanking the men and women who give so much to the organization. The event happened at our place. One of the event spaces we manage called "The Berger Building".

There were real human hearts there on display that you could examin and touch with gloves. It was fascinating and amazing to learn some of the new advances.

Human heart, people. A human HEART!

My next little gig was to help Ken Brisbane and Loews Hotels develop and create a festive environment for the ribbon cutting for their new World Headquarters for Loews
Hotels.VIPs cut the ribbon including the CEO of the Loews corporation as well as Nashville's wonderful mayor, Karl Dean
Our ZOE trip to Houston was great. Dustin Gist rocks my world. Love that guy! We got to see a ton of Sheryl's family. Man-it always goes so fast and I wanted to remember to take pictures... but nothing. Sam got cold on the flight. He retreated into his shirt.

I came home to the Gem Cast finishing their run of Colors. They're now starting on Get Down Tonight. They are a great cast and very hard working,

Jasmin looks so great. This is her 3rd contract with us.

The Norwegian Cruise Line GEM Cast
Today was home improvement day for us. cars (and clothes and dishes) washed, rolling the trampoline all the way down the street--saying goodbye to Mr. Trampolini. I pruned my tomato plants, we mulched and painted the mail box.

Not quite sure what to do here......

OOOOOOOOOOhhhh...great idea! I keep saying, "How is this thing really 15 FEET??? Thanks to our neighbor, Ken, this wasn't a complete disaster!

We needed a break by the time we got to the cul-de-sac. We should have just stopped for a block party. I am so sore and tired!

This video features a few of the Gem Singers and a couple of dancers. I love the song! I hope you all have a fantastic weekend and week ahead!


Sarah said...

'kay: a) AWESOME for Maddie on the Security squad!! Riley was on color guard and had to go early, but it was the years that he could ride his bike. (*whew*). b) Um.... I didn't get much else but... ew about the human hearts. I know I'm supposed to be fascinated... but I'm really grossed out. Bad. c)Sam and I should travel together with a blankie. I have been tempted to disappear into my shirt many times, as well...

Christy said...

You are totally rocking the bow tie aren't you?!?!