Saturday, September 25, 2010

Centennial Park on a Saturday

You know how sometimes you take for granted the things that are right in your own back yard? Well, living in Nashville can be like that. There's more live music here at any time of the day than almost anywhere in the world. There are more historical sites than you could ever possibly take in in a day, weekend, or even a month. So, this week we had made a plan to take the kids and hang out in Centennial Park today. What a great choice it was! There was an art festival and our friend Lauren Gingles met us there with her dog "Scout" who the kids really love.

One of the outstanding things about Centennial Park is the Parthanon. It's one of the treasures of Nashville. The kids really thought it was cool. They each took their scooters and we zoomed along the walking trails and ended up back at the ponds where we fed the geese with bread we brought from home. It was such a perfect day. The weather was gorgeous!

Here are some pics...

The kids with Lauren and Scout

The Parthanon

feeding the geese

The Thomas family

After we left the park we came home and worked more on the house. We cleaned the garage today...if you know us, you know what a chore that was. I got cracked up because a couple of families actually stopped by our house and got out of their cars thinking we were having a garage sale. Bless. We worked our tails off this afternoon. It looks great!

Tonight we had fondue. Cheese and chocolate. MMMMM!! The adults watched "Sweet Home Alabama" of our favorites. I don't think any of us will have a hard time sleeping tonight. I hope your weekend is going well. Thanks for stopping by and taking a minute to read!  Blessings to you.

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