Thursday, August 19, 2010

Happy Birthday to Kevin

Kevin Penna, who married our dear cousin Kiki and is very much a part of our family, recently turned the big 4-0. GO, KEVIN! Kiki planned out this whole surprise party for him and I got to be the bait. Kevin and I sat down together at a restaurant where he began to tell me about what it felt like to turn 40, etc. I kept trying to stall ordering and finally had to just say--we're leaving. I made him wear a blindfold. He was not aware of this picture being snapped but when he heard the camera click he got all miffed. I love it!

Here are some pictures. Most of them are withOUT Kevin in them. He was so busy being the man of the hour! And...there was the small incident where he was thrown into the pool. But I had NOTHING to do with that.

We showed up at the party and everyone was there and waiting to yell. "SURPRISE!" All of Kevin's life group and other friends were present.

My good buddy, Eve, loves owls. She had an owl head band on. I seriously could not stop staring at it. It was freaking me out. I finally had to have a picture with the owl. :)

Jeff Berry and I grew up together in Abilene. Of course, Jeff is MUCH older than I. Much. jk. Love you, Jeffrey. Jeff has always been a big brother to me. He and his wife Anna and their lovely family moved here several years ago. Jeff is VP at a Christian Music record label. I miss his worship leading though. He's one of my all time favorites.

Amy Westerman, Sheryl and me

Kiki, Amy, Sheryl, Becca Daniel, Amanda Vickers

Geof and Amanda Vickers (we love them!)

Sheryl and I love the time we get with Josh and Kara Graves. It's to few and far between, but we're so glad they're here now!

Happy birthday, Kevin! We love you and pray that this new year in your life will bring only the best! (including baby Liam in a few short weeks!!)

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