Monday, August 16, 2010

The Greatness of Our God

There is a song we learned at Fellowship that I've loved called "The Greatness of our God" written by Jeromy Diebler (from FFH and one of the worship leaders there). Some of the lyrics are:

Give me eyes to see more of who You are.
May what I behold still my anxious heart.
Take what I have known and break it all apart.
For You, my God, are greater still.

And no sky contains
No doubt restrains
All You are,
The greatness of our God!
I'll spend my life to know
But I'm far from close
To all You are
The Greatness of our God!

I taught that song at the retreat I did in Texas (Camp David). Those lyrics will always be tied to that very powerful weekend. And one way that God has transformed my life over the last 5-6 weeks since that retreat is through several friends He's placed into our lives at such a sweet moment in time. One of them is Robert Channing..."Chan" for short. Chan and Dee and their beautiful girls came and spent a weekend with us recently. It was such an incredible time. I wanted to share some pictures from our time together with you...

Ella and Katelyn

My mom with Katelyn

Our girls and Shelby

Maddie and Shelby

Chan and me

Sam and Katelyn. Sam loves these girls. I'm fine with an arranged marriage with either one of them for him! :)

Sweet friends

Family pic in our living room

I have seen the greatness of our God through the life and faith of my friend, Chan. God has deeply blessed me through him. God has blessed me through his sweet wife, Dee and their lovely children. Sheryl and I are richer for knowing them. This kind of friendship can only be born through a gift of God. God is pouring into our lives through the Channings. And, in the words of JT, it truly is "sweet to be loved" by them.

The Channings live in Searcy. We're praying that God brings them closer. Meanwhile, we rejoice in the sweet gift of friendship and provision from the Lord. I am a blessed man. Feeling that today. Thanks for allowing me to share, blog family!

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