Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Sounds of Christmas

I was going through some boxes and transferring some video to DVD. In doing so, I came across several Christmas musicals and concerts that I directed while at Otter Creek. Wow...such great memories and some very special moments. It was so fun to see Bud Arnold. I uploaded some to YouTube. Check them out if you's guaranteed to put you in the Christmas spirit! Please forgive the quality...I had to record from playback.

JOY--I took the music from Avalon's Christmas CD and turned it into a concert with our worship choir and some special guests. It was such a blast learning that music. The choir rocked it! My buddy Victor Wynn brought his ensemble from Temple Church and joined us. That totally brought down the house! Check out these links.
"Jesus Born on This Day"--Sheryl, the children's choir and the OC worship choir

"We Are the Reason"--Jon Lawrence and a singer from Temple with the OC worship choir

"Shout to the Lord"--congregational...but the kids are so cute singing this!

"For Unto Us a Child Is Born"--George Rowe and the Temple Church Ensemble brought the house down!

"We Will Worship the Lamb of Glory"--we led this as we ended that night

"Two From Galilee"--this might be my all-time favorite musical that we did at Otter Creek. It's a wonderful show that tells the back story of Mary and imagines what it might have been like to be called to walk such a difficult road. I had the cast all read Marjorie Holmes book by the same title and we discussed it. It was such a sweet process. This was a bear to tackle--a full 2 act musical. We had such incredible talent and it was an amazing experience. Bud Arnold was in it too which was extra special for me. We all miss you, Bud!

"Mary's Song and Gabriel's Announcement"--We needed a "Mary". Laura Posey (now Troup) was a college student attending Otter Creek. She was perfect for the role. This was before she and Chad married and had kids.

"Gloria"-- The angels announce the birth of Christ

"The Marriage of Mary and Joseph"-- Bud Arnold was so awesome! I love, love, LOVE this scene

"The Marriage of Mary and Joseph pt2"-- the rest of the song

"Finale"--the end of the show (there are so many other great moments...just haven't had time to tape them the hilarious 3 wise men)

"Christmas Musical 2004" this was the year of Katrina, Bud Arnold dying, Shanon Dickerson dying (both very special Otter Creekers) and a world of other crazy things. It was a difficult year. We began the concert with this song...
Here's another clip from that night..."Here I Am To Worship"

"The Power of His Love" --while Two From Galilee was my favorite Christmas musical, this was easily my favorite Easter musical. Korey Risley played Jesus. He was awesome. The cast sounded incredible, the music was good. It was a moving play.
"This is My Body"--

"Worthy is the Lamb"-- the crucifixion

"He is the King"-- This was the last Christmas concert I did at Otter Creek in 2007. It was an emotional night. The video and sound quality on these two is really awful. Sorry!
"Glory in the Highest"--

"Hallelujah, Christ Jesus is Born"--

There were other years and other shows..."The Best Christmas Pageant Ever" (which was hilarious and the kids ROCKED on!), and a couple of years worth of "Sanders Family Christmas". If I have time I'll post more. But these brought back some wonderful memories. Thank you to all who gave so much time and energy to make them so fun to be a part of!

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Keith Brenton said...

Sanders Family Christmas is such a hoot ... wish I could have seen the Otter Creek performances. Merry Christmas and thanks for posting these, BST!