Friday, December 04, 2009

Ella Claus

Ella auditioned for her first part in the Christmas play at her school and was so excited to have some lines and a little solo part last night. It was fun to watch her. She did a great job! Go Ella!!

Here are some pictures and video clips from "A Penguin Christmas"

Ella and Bode Reeves (Bode's big brother Austin is at ACU. He pledged Gamma Sigs this year. Yes, I feel ancient.)

Ella is ready!

Mrs. Spiller directed the program. She is the P.E. teacher but she does this for the first grade at Granbery every year. She is a pretty special woman.

Ella as Mrs. Claus

Ella's class--Mrs. Stark rocks!

Penguin March

Some of Ella's lines

Little duet part

Big finish!!


Amy Woods said...

I sure did just watch all of those videos!! Great job, Ella!!!

annie said...

Having been a former school teacher myself, I miss elementary school Christmas programs so much! :(

LeeAnn said...

I'm pretty sure after watching the videos that this is the Christmas program that Bailey did in 3rd cute! I will have to show her Ella's clips.