Friday, March 27, 2009

Norwegian Cruise Line Spirit Final Runs and Cast Dinner

Our cast for the NCL Spirit is doing their final run-throughs today. They're going to be great out there. We had our cast dinner last night and we're getting ready to head to the ship on Sunday. Here are some pictures...

Rudi and Danni


Jalynn and Adam

Adam and Vanessa

Ruslan and Elena (our lovely Russians)

Rudi and me

Sheryl and me

Rusty and me

Spirit Cast Spring 09

Spirit Cast with Denise Hoey and me

Singers and me

Gemma and Danni

Jalynn and Vanessa

Defying Gravity-Jalynn and Vanessa

She's Got A Way-Adam and Rusty



1 comment:

Laura said...

Holy Moses! Your cast is fabulous. I sure wish I could do something like that. Maybe I could move Chad and the kids onto a cruise ship for a few months...

Miss you, friend! LPT