Thursday, February 05, 2009

More Heart Gala

Here are a few more pictures from the Heart Gala last weekend thanks to Holly Whaley.

Guests were greeted warmly as they came in to register

The band, "1964" was AWESOME!

Mary is rockin' it.

Our friend Elle did flowers for the event. She did a great job!

Gary and I pose here with Holly Whaley. We love Holly!

I thought the tables looked especially cool. Holly picked out the table linens and they looked great!

Jonathan, Gary and I man the production booth during the auction

As you can see here-the crowd loved the after party with the band!

Now--to randomly change the subject...American Idol anyone?? Did you see how they made Paula's eyes glow red last night? Maddie basically freaked out over it...that really was kind of freaky. I have to give it to her. Any favorites so far?

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Arlene Kasselman said...

I do have some favorites already BST - just don't have names down yet.

I like both the welder and the oil rig guy - I think I am routing for them in a "go live your dream" kinda' way.

There is a guy who is channeling a little David Cook in looks (lots of black eyeliner) who I really think has a great voice.

And there is a gorgeous 16 year old very mature African American girl who I think is fabulous.

Of course there is Mr. Gentile - the headband wearing guy...

I have found myself very drawn to America's Best Dance Crew - these groups are amazing. I was intrigued by a group of "down home" cloggers called Dynamic Edition - and they have turned out to be pretty good.