Thursday, September 29, 2011

Sunday Ibok

Over the last few months it seems that pain, suffering and grief are on the rise. Losing Sheryl's mom has made us even more aware, I'm sure. We're approaching the 20th anniversary of my father's death next month. At Highland we're praying for several families with young children who are fighting cancer. It makes you just ask all the WHY questions.

I think some people feel afraid of questions. Solid answers are much safer...much stronger...much more resolute. But how can thinking people live fully in faith in a God who sent His Son to Earth through the womb of a virgin, healed sick people, raised the dead, and then came back to life Himself WITHOUT asking questions??

God is certainly big enough for my questions. He isn't shaken. He doesn't fret when I doubt. He doesn't doubt His ability to be King of Kings, Lord of Lords and the Alpha and Omega. Actually, I believe He allows me to dive into deeper places in Him through times when my understanding just doesn't cut it. I hear echos of His words to Job. My heart hears the songs of faithfulness that He so lovingly sings over me.

My friend Sunday Ibok who went to ACU, would visit Nashville frequently, and whom I loved to hang with in NYC when I was there on work, had a freakish brain aneurysm Sunday night while on a visit to Texas for a wedding of a mutual friend.

Sunday had come through Abilene last week to see friends here and then traveled to Dallas for the wedding. While sitting in a hot tub Sunday night he began to complain of his head hurting. He went and laid down and his friends knew something wasn't right. He was taken to the hospital and then care flighted to Baylor Medical Center. Sunday was declared brain dead on Monday afternoon. As friends have gathered and prayed over him for a miracle...for struck me--God's been healing Sunday for years! That man was an overcomer. We see in part...but God sees in full. He knows ultimate healing. People may say, "Where is your God"? I would point to Sunday's life and say, behold the matchless grace of Jesus. 

Why? Why, God, would you want to allow this light to leave our world? Why so early? I don't understand. I don't have to.

Sunday loved Jesus. In fact...his last post on Twitter on Sunday before anything went wrong was "FAITHFUL". God has been, is, and will be faithful. I miss you, Sunday! My heart grieves for those of us left behind who will greatly miss you. But I rejoice for you. Go dance with Jesus!


Sarah said...

Again, what an amazingly handsome man -- and to us it seems senseless. Let it bring Him glory. I LOVE that Sunday was declaring God faithful "in good times and bad" -- may that be said of me. May my last tweet not be how awful the traffic is or how stinky the economy is, but "Faithful." Wow. Sunday has inspired me.

judy thomas said...

You are right; God is big enough for our questions. Moses and Job did not hesitate to ask. With the world needing so much light these days, it does seem counterproductive that Sunday would die--But God is God and I am not.

sweetmonkey said...

Big hugs all around and what a beautiful post. Sending up many, many prayers of comfort!