Sunday, July 04, 2010

Happy Birthday Weekend!

This weekend we are celebrating a couple of birthdays...the USA with fireworks and parades...and Maddie's with a masquerade ball! Maddie's party was so fun! Thanks to Sheryl and Gail's hard work and one or two props from the Gary Musick Scenic warehouse, it looked great! (if any of you are interested in themed parties for your kids, or for a celebration of any to me)

Here are some pictures from the party...

Sheryl made the cake. It was incredible!

Maddie turns 9 hard to believe!

We all got decked out for the party. Sheryl also helped make the girls' dresses. The red one is Sheryl's that she altered down to fit Ella.

Maddie and her friend, Macy Farley

My nephew Canaan had all the girls entranced over his ipad. He's a stud.

I love this of Sheryl and Maddie

Maddie and Ella

The kids made masquerade masks as their craft

Sheryl's sister Gail was a huge help!

Maddie and her friend, Chesley Moosher

Maddie, Macy Farley and Sarah Cagna

I love this of Sarah

Ella and Nonnie (my mom)

Maddie and Nonnie

Ella being Ella

Sheryl had a hilarious idea...she made a silhouette of a woman and put a dress on her so the kids could play "Pin the Mask on the Lady"


I made a mix CD for a dance party...the first song was "Masquerade" from Phantom of the Opera. The girls danced around to cute!


My mom gave Maddie something she's been hoping for for about 2 years. She was so excited. Nonnies are great!

Happy Birthday, Maddie!

Group pic!

Laura Laetz, Maddie, Sarah Cagna, and Macy Farley...the after-the-ball swim!


Anne said...

WOW! What an amazing party! Sheryl is an awesome party planner mom :) It looks like everyone had a super great time...the details were superb!

Happy Birthday!

Amanda said...

What fun! Looks like everyone had a marvelous time! :) Happy Birthday (a little late....)

Katie said...

I love it! Great idea!